Millennium Makeover, Inc. has been in business since March, 2005. The company was incorporated in the state of Florida by Jon Watkins. What makes the company unique is that it has owners that have over 25 years in the business of roofing that are also interested in their customers and their employees well being. Above all, we want you to remember that we’re here for you.

Our Mission

Millennium Makeover, Inc. will continually seek instruction, information and guidance to provide an outstanding service and product to our customers. We will continually innovate, finding the latest and best methods of installation and support for our customers.

We will do this by following, teaching and training the highest degree of work ethics to all in the employ of Millennium Makeover, Inc.

That is: Integrity, Responsibility, and Accountability to each other, our vendors, our customers, our employees, and our community.