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Are you looking for competent roofing contractors, or are you in need of a quality service that can give your building a new roof in Boca Raton, FL? Then look no further than Millennium Makeover for all your residential, commercial, and industrial roofing needs.

We are an efficient company capable of providing industry-standard roofing services, protection, and makeover for your residential, commercial, and industrial buildings at competitive prices. We achieve this by employing experience, quality materials, superior artistry, and exceptional customer service in carrying out roof replacement procedures and other new roof installation services. Every project is approached with the highest standards, from job assessment to issue resolution, regardless of the project’s scope.

Are You in Need of a New Roof in Boca Raton?

At Millennium Makeover, we provide extensive roofing services in South Florida, especially throughout Boca Raton, FL, working closely with customers to get precise requirements and information needed to make an informed decision. We live up to our company motto, “Roofing with Responsibility,” and guarantee customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we understand how inconvenient roofing procedures could be for occupants or workers of a residential, commercial or industrial building. As such, we ensure all projects are started and finished quickly to avoid significant disruptions.

Roofing procedures can be a considerable expense as one of the most significant and critical exterior components in every building. Nonetheless, building owners are advised to inspect their roofs every one or two years and either opt for a new roofing system or replace roof panels that have already deteriorated due to age. Regardless of your choice, you can count on us as your one-stop shop for all roofing services. For new roofing systems, we construct several components, including the deck, flashing, membrane, and insulation, to ensure reliability and long-term success. All our Boca Raton, FL services are available at cost-friendly rates.

New Roof Boca Raton FL

New Roof Boca Raton FL


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The Palm Beach city of Boca Raton sits just north of Miami and is one of the principal cities of the Miami metropolitan area. Boca Raton’s proximity to numerous major cities makes it an ideal place to live for those seeking easy access to urban centers. The city is very safe and boasts quality amenities and services, such as quality educational institutions, making it one of the most desirable places to settle and raise a family in the United States. Residents can also enjoy a warm climate all year round without worrying about extreme heat or freezing conditions. However, Boca Raton, FL climate also features a wet summer, highlighting the need for a quality roofing system.

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For residents looking to engage our new roof service, contact us today for your quality, fast and cost-efficient service. With about 17 years of experience, we exhibit top skills in solving different types of roofing issues, including repairing leaks and replacing most roofing materials. Our quality work and professionalism set us apart from other competitors, and we aim to always uphold a high standard by ensuring you are 100% satisfied with the results. Reach out to us today for a free quote, or visit our website.

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